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PD Dr. Jan Kiesewetter

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Forschung zur Lehre von Resilienz im Gesundheitswesen

Kiesewetter, J. and Dimke, B. (2020), Emotional speed-dating as a part of medical students’ resilience training. Med Educ, 54: 473-474. doi:10.1111/medu.14094


Kiesewetter J., Dimke B. (2018) Resilience training for health care professionals and medical students: An instructional manual, Instructional Manuals for Health Professions Education (Band 1) ISBN: 1717887775


Epstein N., Brendel T., Hege I., Ouellette D.L., Schmidmaier R., Kiesewetter J. (2016) The Power of Pen: how to make physicians more friendly and patients more attractive. Med Educ, 50(12)

Forschung zu Teamarbeit  und Führungskompetenz im Gesundheitswesen

Saravo, B., Netzel, J., & Kiesewetter, J. (2017). The need for strong clinical leaders - Transformational and transactional leadership as a framework for resident leadership training. PLoS One, 12(8), e0183019. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0183019 


Kiesewetter, J., Kollar, I., Fernandez, N., Lubarsky, S., Kiessling, C., Fischer, M. R., & Charlin, B. (2016). Crossing boundaries in interprofessional education: A call for instructional integration of two script concepts. J Inter C, 30 (5), 1-4. 


Kiesewetter J., Fischer F., Fischer M. (2016). Collaboration Expertise in Medicine – No Evidence for Cross-Domain Application from a Memory Retrieval Study. PLoS ONE 11(2):e0148754. 


Kiesewetter J., Fischer F, Fischer M.R. (2017) Collaborative clinical reasoning—a systematic review of empirical studies. J Cont Edu H Prof, 37(2):123-8. 


Kiesewetter J. & Schmidt-Huber, M., Netzel J., Krohn A., Angstwurm M., Fischer M. (2013). Evaluiertes Training von Führungskompetenzen in der medizinischen Aus- und Weiterbildung. GMS Z Med Ausb; 30(4)