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PD Dr. Jan Kiesewetter

Publikationen - Forschung - PD Dr. Jan Kiesewetter Psychotherapie München

Forschung zur Lehre von Resilienz im Gesundheitswesen

Schwitters, M.T. & Kiesewetter, J. (2023). Resilience status of dental students and derived training needs and interventions to promote resilience. GMS Journal for Medical Education, 40(6):Doc67.


Kiesewetter, J., Glumann, N. & Lin, L. Resilienz – eine Einführung für Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte. Urologe 59, 161–164 (2020).


Kiesewetter, J. and Dimke, B. (2020), Emotional speed-dating as a part of medical students’ resilience training. Med Educ, 54: 473-474. doi:10.1111/medu.14094


Kiesewetter J., Dimke B. (2018) Resilience training for health care professionals and medical students: An instructional manual, Instructional Manuals for Health Professions Education (Band 1) ISBN: 1717887775


Epstein N., Brendel T., Hege I., Ouellette D.L., Schmidmaier R., Kiesewetter J. (2016) The Power of Pen: how to make physicians more friendly and patients more attractive. Med Educ, 50(12)

Forschung zu Teamarbeit  und Führungskompetenz im Gesundheitswesen

Mitzkat, A., Mink, J., Arnold, C., Mahler, C., Mihaljevic, A. L., (…) & Kiesewetter, J. (2023). Development of individual competencies and team performance in interprofessional ward rounds: results of a study with multimodal observations at the Heidelberg Interprofessional Training Ward. Front. Med., Vol. 10,


Saravo, B., Netzel, J., & Kiesewetter, J. (2017). The need for strong clinical leaders - Transformational and transactional leadership as a framework for resident leadership training. PLoS One, 12(8), e0183019. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0183019 


Kiesewetter, J., Kollar, I., Fernandez, N., Lubarsky, S., Kiessling, C., Fischer, M. R., & Charlin, B. (2016). Crossing boundaries in interprofessional education: A call for instructional integration of two script concepts. J Inter C, 30 (5), 1-4. 


Kiesewetter J., Fischer F., Fischer M. (2016). Collaboration Expertise in Medicine – No Evidence for Cross-Domain Application from a Memory Retrieval Study. PLoS ONE 11(2):e0148754. 


Kiesewetter J., Fischer F, Fischer M.R. (2017) Collaborative clinical reasoning—a systematic review of empirical studies. J Cont Edu H Prof, 37(2):123-8. 


Kiesewetter J. & Schmidt-Huber, M., Netzel J., Krohn A., Angstwurm M., Fischer M. (2013). Evaluiertes Training von Führungskompetenzen in der medizinischen Aus- und Weiterbildung. GMS Z Med Ausb; 30(4)